DYI Project, IKEA Kallax bookcase makeover

I just completed a fun “Do It Yourself” project, updating my home office bookcases.  The IKEA white laminate bookcases purchased 7 years ago, store  Interior design catalogs, client folders and my grandkids assorted craft supplies.  Did anyone mention Play-doo?

To give the bookcases a mini facelift, I added grasscloth texture wallpaper in a deep Indigo color.   The project required only One double roll of self-adhesive wallpaper.  I ordered the roll from from an online discount wallpaper company. To complete the look,  I accessorize this bookcase with my daughter Kate’s childhood artwork in white matted black metal frames (again from IKEA) to complete the look.  The cost of the project,  $50.00 and one fun afternoon. (price includes wallpaper and frames)

I love the bookcases new chic look!  Makes me smile every time I walk into my office.


New Orleans Architectural Styles

John and I  just returned from a wonderful trip to New Orleans.  The city  is known for being the birth place of traditional Jazz (you have to catch a show at Preservation Hall), Delicious food (fresh seafood and melt in your mouth beignets) and diverse architecture.  Next year the city of New Awlins (how the locals pronounce New Orleans) celebrates it’s 300th year!

Here is a sampling of the architectural styles seen in the Crescent City.

Shotgun – A “shotgun house” is  narrow rectangular usually no more than about 12 feet (3.5 m) wide, with rooms arranged one behind the other and doors at each end of the home.  When you open the front door you will be able to see straight back to the rear door.

Southern Colonial – Two stories high with a symmetrical facade, graceful proportions,  with deep veranda supported by stately columns. Think Gone with the Wind.

Southern Creole – Elaborate Cut-out balustrade and fan motif brackets, Central Chimney, the floor plan consisting of four rooms arranged symmetrically.  Beautiful details!


Lighting up the Hawaiian Islands

Just returned from a fabulous trip to the Hawaiian Islands. Thank you Mom Langlois! On the 14-day cruise my husband John and I ate all our delicious breakfasts on the back deck of the ship. We never tired observing the expansive Azure color skies.

The interior designer in me never goes on vacation. My eyes are constantly on the look out for interesting lighting installations used in hotel lobbies and restaurants. My poor husband has to listen to me continually shout out, “This is so cool”. Here are a few I noticed on our trip. Aloha!




Interior Paint Colors for Fuquay Varina Custom Home Project

One of my current design projects is a 5,000 square foot custom built home in Fuquay Varina. The home is under construction with a targeted completion date for the end of October.

The homeowners had no problem selecting the exterior paint colors, but when it came to choosing the interior wall colors the couple faced paint color decision paralysis.
That’s when they contacted Keepsake for design help.

Here are the serene paint colors I helped them select:

Carrboro Mid Century Modern Living Room

Jim, a mature bachelor, moved 3 years ago to Carrboro, NC to live near his grandkids.  He contacted Keepsake Interiors for help in a creating a floor plan, selecting paint colors, new furniture, lighting, area rug, new window coverings along with placement of his artwork.

The chair, the “Archie”, located under the floor lamp, upholstered in a fun atomic pattern fabric, doesn’t look anything like the famous Archie Bunker chair from the the classic TV show “All in the Family”.

Using Design Principles in the Garden

During the summer months I enjoy spending time in the yard.      I have a hard time just taking a quick step outside.  Minutes quickly turn into hours.

The key principles of interior design, proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis and harmony works for exterior (landscape) design too.

Rhythm or repetition– One or more design elements are used repeatedly to create movement.

Balance- Distribution of visual weight colors, texture and space. (Symmetrical and asymmetrical balance)

Variety- Use of a few design elements to create interest in a space.

Enjoy the Summer!

High Point Furniture Market Highlights

I attended The 2017 Spring High Point Furniture market with my friend Laura and Madison, an intern from Meredith College.  After 15 showrooms, our bags were heavy with vendor literature, despite our pact to not accept brochures.

To save yourself a trip, here’s my quick take-aways:

  1. Pastel pink, yellow and green fabrics.
  2. Texture grass cloth is no longer just for walls.  I spotted it on dining room cabinets, bedroom dressers and end tables.
  3. Floral pattern fabrics reminiscent of English gardens on pillows and furniture.
  4. Coastal themes (which you know I love) abound in artwork and accessories.
  5. I saw iconic Mid Century Modern furniture trend, ala “Mad Men.”  The look is stylish, but sometimes the chairs tend to have a deep angle seat which some people find uncomfortable for the long haul.









Three Tips to Selecting Exterior House Paint Colors

It’s time to select your home’s exterior paint colors.  Are you feeling overwhelmed by the countless color choices?  Do you make trips to the paint store only to find yourself more confused.  Are you accumulating numerous paint samples from the store?

Here are three things to consider when choosing exterior paint colors for your home.

Choosing exterior paint colors by Christine Langlois, Keepsake Interiors

Architectural Style: Is your home a Craftsman bungalow?  Mid-century modern ranch? New American Style? (combination several styles)  Choose colors appropriate for your homes architectural style.

Planned Community Architectural Board Guidelines: Read and understand your community’s Architectural board guidelines before selecting exterior paint colors.  Stand outside your home.  Look to the left, then to the right and across the street.  Most community’s will not allow similar paint colors to your immediate neighbors.

Three Colors:  A house will have several paintable parts.  The main body of your house, shutters, trim, doors, and windows. A nice look is when you choose three colors, one for the main body of your home, trim and shutter and doors.

Recently it was time to paint the exterior of our home. My husband asked me how I choose the colors so quick.  It told him it was simple.  I picked colors that will make me smile every time I turn into our long winding driveway. Home Sweet Home!


Sherwin Williams 2017 Color of the Year

Sherwin Williams just announced their 2017 color of the year.  Drumroll please.

The winner, a gray-brown color, Poised Taupe SW6039.  The warm Taupe paint color provides a nice backdrop to white kitchen cabinets and trim. The grayish-brown hue works well when you want to create an intimate space.